How to get help

Предлагаем придерживаться следующего алгоритма действий

In order to get legal assistance – contact us by any means convenient to you and describe your problem.

If we can help you, all we have to do is receive the necessary documents from you and draw up an agreement. For this, we will coordinate with you the time and place of the meeting.

Do not postpone the call and do not let everything take its course. Contact us boldly, report your problem and ask questions!

Our team

За решение Вашей задачи возьмется профильный адвокат

Semyon Isachenkov

Advocate of the Krasnoyarsk city Board of Advocates, Territory of Krasnoyarsk Certificate num. 1978, granted by the Krasnoyarsk Territory Administration…

Boris Malyugin

Advocate of the Board of Advocates “Novatsia”, Saint-Petersburg city Certificate num. 8893, granted by the Saint-Petersburg city and Leningrad Territory…

Roman Aga

Advocate of Sverdlovskaya Board of Advocates, Territory of KrasnoyarskCertificate num. 2042, granted by the Krasnoyarsk Territory Administration of the Ministry…