International relationships and the legal state of foreign citizens

Questions of migration and legal state of foreign citizens. Preparation of complaints and representation before the European Court of Human Rights. Legal support of international contracts and international investments. Representation of interests within the private disputes of civil or commercial legal nature with the participation of citizens and legal entities from the Spanish- and English-speaking countries at the court and pre-trial procedures. International adoptions.

Criminal law

Protection of rights and interests of suspects, accused, victims and witnesses in the criminal cases, at the pre-trial and trial stages.

Civil law

All types of contracts; protection of consumer rights; disputes about the property and the uphold of honor, dignity and business reputation. Succession disputes. Acquisition of property at the public tendering. Legal representation of entities and sole proprietors at the Commercial Courts.

Labor law

Legal assistance to the employees and employers in all the questions regarding to the labor relationships.

Family law

Divorces; alimony; adoptions; issues of custody, guardianship and foster family; issues of the marital agreement; assistance in the disputes about the children and the children’s rights; legal support in the field of contestation of paternity (or maternity).

Administrative law

Representation of the interests of the persons and legal entities charged with administrative offences and of the victims within the different categories of administrative infringements.

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash